September 12, 2015

Dickens Festival 2015 Cast List

We would like to thank all of those who auditioned. We are so excited for this year. We will have an extremely talented cast! The following is our cast list for the Dickens' Festival 2015 production of Oliver & Scrooge.

Oliver Cast:
Narrator – Kristal Nichols
Mr. Bumble – Caleb Larsen
Cooks- Savannah Davis, Keziah De La Rosa
Orphans – Jacob Marion, Donovan Daffinrud, Lynnly Daffrud, Dalila Daffrud, Annie Hancock, Claire Koop, Juliet Koop, Elesar DelaRosa, Charlie Koop, Evan Koop
Oliver- Mali De La Rosa
Corney – Rhonda Hancock
Dodger – Hayden Bracken
Pickpockets- Lynnly Daffrud, Dalila Daffrud, Jacob Marion, Javier Hernandez, Annie Hancock, Claire Koop, Juliet Koop, Savannah Davis, Charlie Koop, Evan Koop
Charlie – Annie Hancock
Fagin – Brenden Heywood
Bet- Joriann Hancock
Nancy – Jessica Major
Ensemble – Jacob Marion, Annalyn Johanson, Karlie Dowding, Javier Hernandez, Annie Hancock, Claire Koop, Savanah Davis, Evan Koop, Keziah De La Rosa
Bill – Alex Lund
Bartender- Caleb Larsen

Orphan Choir- Charlie Koop, Juliet Koop, Dalila Daffinrud, Lynnly Daffinrud, Donovan Daffinrud, Elesaar DeLaRosa

Scrooge Cast-
Narrator- Hayden Bracken/Mali DeLaRosa
Bob Cratchit- Alex Lund
Mrs. Cratchit- Kristal Nichols
Martha Cratchit- Annalyn Johanson
Belinda Cratchit- Annie Hancock
Peter Cratchit- Keziah De La Rosa
Tiny Tim- Evan Koop
Ghost of Christmas Past- Karlie Dowding
Ghost of Christmas Present – Caleb Larsen
Carolers- Hancock Family, Claire Koop
Fred’s Wife – Jessica Major
Salesman- Jacob Marion & Savannah Davis
Jenkins- Brenden Heywood
Mrs. Fezziwig- Rhonda Hancock
Isabel – Claire Koop
Ebenezer- Javier Hernandez
Ensemble – Joriann Hancock

Additional auditions will be held Sept. 23rd for any and all who wish to join in on this amazing cast. Location and time will be announced on the 16th. This will be an open call.

Thank you all and we look forward to work with you all.
Brian Cota- Director
Elizabeth Haight- Assistant Director
Tannika Larsen- Music Director

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